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Lysekil Council


Municipal functions such as childcare, education, culture, aged and disability care, streets and traffic management, business development, tourism and integration.

Number of employees

1 300 employees across 100 professional areas, including educators, student assistants, psychologists, nurses and aged care workers, engineers, architects, IT-technicians, finance and HR.


Our community is made up by many jigsaw pieces and the Lysekil Council is responsible for a broad ranges of services such as primary school, building permits, water and sewerage, waste management, school lunches, home care, secondary school, marina, apartments, aged care accommodation, sporting grounds and libraries. Lysekil Council means a hug at pre-school, clean streets, flowering tulips and someone who turns up when you press your personal security alarm.

Working for Lysekil Council means making a difference in people’s everyday life and using one’s knowledge and skills to contribute to society and its development. It also means working on one of Bohuslän’s beautiful coastal municipalities and enjoying an amazing quality of life.

Vision Lysekil 2030

”Lysekil is a sustainable and attractive municipality that is known for its creativity and optimism. Lysekil is a natural meeting place and leader in marine industries.”


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