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A professional and reliable partner

AH Automation is a professional and reliable technology company with 75 years of industry experience.
Our experienced and dedicated specialists guide customers through complex projects and deliver automation and service system solutions. We take on the customers’ challenges to develop and work together in the long term.

Our business concept and vision

AH Automation’s business concept is to add the best possible value for our customers. We do this by working together to develop innovative solutions and services in automation and service.

We work with dedication and professionalism, both locally and in a global environment, to create added value for our customers and our owners. Sustainability is a priority for us, in several perspectives, both to safeguard valuable relationships with customers, suppliers and partners as employees and to take care of the environment we share.

We want to be an important part of our customers’ success, a reliable business partner, an attractive employer and we want to create value and revenue to our owners.

How it all began

The foundation for AH Automation was laid in 1944 when the company’s founders, Andor and Karl-Erik, with their employees, created the reliable and innovative business spirit that still characterises our company. The Swedish fishing fleet considerably larger at that time than it is today, and formed a large part of the customer base. Among other things, the company installed sonar systems and navigation on virtually the entire fishing fleet from Strömstad in the north to Gothenburg in the south.

At the end of the 1960s, the marine company’s business developed further to create added value for customers in industrial production and automation. Today, AH Automation is a high-tech company with specialist expertise in automation and service.

Core values

  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Sustainability

Together, our core values make up the foundation of AH Automation and permeate our entire business, describing the experience we want to deliver to our customers. The guiding principles and values also describe our attitude towards one another and the outside world, and are the foundation of our corporate culture.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of excellence in automation. Thanks to our competence, we can always keep our promises and create security for the customer.

We understand and show interest in our customers’ challenges so that we can create the best solutions for them. We always think in terms of customer benefit, deep commitment and respect for the customer. We take on our customers’ challenges – until the challenge is completed.

By never compromising on competence and dedication, we build long-term relationships with our customers. How we behave today has a direct impact on our relationships with customers and partners in the future.

Working with us

As one of our employers, you have the opportunity to work with dedicated colleagues who are professional, experienced and passionate about finding the industry’s best automation solutions. We are all responsive to our customers’ needs and see their challenges as ours. You will enjoy working with us if you have team spirit, the ability to work in a structured way and are good at creating relationships both internally and externally. Because we do everything in-house, decisions can be made quickly, and all contacts are straight-forward and fast.

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