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Accompanying Partner Employment Service (Medflyttarservice) is a joint project between private and public employers. A company chooses to become a partner employer and a business agreement is signed. Depending on company size, there are business agreements for small, medium or large companies. Included in the agreement are a number of accompanying partner recruitment assignments which the Partner employer may use. Further assignments may be ordered to, at a fixed price, in addition to the ones included in the membership.

The Partner employers have representatives in the project group, which is the decision-making body of the Accompanying Partner Employment Service project. This means that the partner employers have an important role in the collaboration and a great opportunity to help influence the project. This collaboration also offers the opportunity to share experiences around other issues relating to skills, recruitment and HR issues in corporate operations.

Our work field

The interests and needs of our partner employers form the basis of the service, the key issues of which include cooperation, competency, and exchange of recruitment knowledge and experience.

Being a member of the Accompanying Partner Employment Service is about collaborating amongst the partner employers. Sometimes it’s your organisation that needs support around the question of an accompanying partner as part of the recruitment process, and another time it could be your company that helps contribute to a great solution for another employer.

We have knowledge of people who are about to move here for work and what their profile is. That means we can help match the competency and experience of accompanying partners with job opportunities with other member employers, which can make the recruitment process more effective and attractive for all those involved.

Our network creates conditions for meeting and sharing experiences in competency and recruitment issues. We also see great opportunities for further synergies thanks to the collaboration between member employers. We see it as natural to take part and bounce ideas in other human resource issues as well.

A way to secure competency

Accompanying Partner Employment Service can be crucial to your recruitment process. Moving to a new region, let alone country, is a huge decision that requires a lot of things to fall into place; accommodation, school, child and aged care, recreation and, last but not least, suitable work for the accompanying partner.

Offering Accompanying Partner Employment Service during the recruitment process, through the advertising stage, throughout the process and perhaps most importantly during the final stages, can be the key to your preferred candidate taking the step to accept your employment offer.

The organisation can also use Accompanying Partner Employment Service to help an existing employee, who is in a similar position in regard to an accompanying partner, remain with the employer.

Accompanying Partner Employment Service is a flexible and solutions-oriented organisation that works on behalf of the member employers. That means our services can vary slightly depending on different assignments and collaborations among member employers.

Interested in becoming a Partner employer?

Is your organisation interested in becoming a member of Accompanying Partner Employment Service, or do you want to know more about being a member? Contact us, and we’ll tell you more!


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