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Our Partner employers are looking for more employees. By clicking on the respective companies below, you will be taken to the company’s “Job opportunities Page”.

If you, as an accompanying partner, find a suitable position here, please contact Accompanying Partner Employment Service project manager Agneta Lindgren with your interest.

Ah Automation Logo

AH Automation AB

AH Automation is a professional and reliable technology company with 75 years of industry experience.

Munkedals Kommun Logo

Munkedal Council

We are about 1000 co-workers, with positions within health care, education, civil servants and more.

H-fönstret i Lysekil AB

H-Fönstret produces triple glazing windows of high quality and the co-workers’ skills and loyalty contibute greatly to the company.

Leva Elbolag Lysekil

Leva i Lysekil AB

Leva employs about 100 people and delivers electricity, water, district heating as well as street and park care in Lysekil municipality.


Preemraff Lysekil

The refinery Preemraff Lysekil employs about 700 people, with more than 100 different professions.


Lysekils kommun

Council with employees within sectors childcare, education, culture, care, traffic and street, business, tourism and integration. 1300 employees and more than 100 professions.

Gullmarsstrand Hotell Konferens

Gullmarsstrand is a appreciated hotel in the province. Having expanded their facilities in 2018, they are looking for more co-workers.


Helab is a well established electrical installation and automation company, and they are growing.

Bad och Värme - Rönnings Rör

Rönnings Rör i Brastad solves anything within plumbing, heating, bath room, installations of pipe and ventilation systems.

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