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  • Accompanying Partner Employment Service operates in the geographical area of the municipalities of Sotenäs, Munkedal and Lysekil on the Swedish west coast.
  • We support the three councils and partner employers in their work to recruit key competencies.
  • The area is home to a rich array of business and industries, with approximately 2 000 companies per municipality.

Our part of Bohuslän is home to mixed industries, with the largest employer section by far is industrial businesses, including several well-known food production companies and brands. The Preem refinery is one of the single largest employers in the area, alongside the paper production industry. There are also many technological companies, with Husqvarna one of the most famous.

Other significant industries

The tourism industry and its many different types of companies offer exciting job opportunities. The construction sector is also an important part of our local labour market. It has many smaller businesses that are sought-after all year round but particularly during spring and summer thanks to our many part-time residents that reside along the coast during the warmer months. The region’s employers range from the many smaller companies with 2 – 10 employees to the large workplaces with up to 700 employees. Shops catering for most everyday items are also important for employment and offers a good service all year round, while larger shopping centres such as Torp in Uddevalla, offering an IKEA store among other things, are not far away.

Healthcare and education

Our region has a broad healthcare sector of both private and public employers, offering a choice of GP clinics and dental clinics. A local hospital offers some specialities and the regional hospitals are not far away. We are proud of our schools which range from pre-school (from 12 months) to high-quality secondary schools. Secondary education includes speciality courses in marine biology, offering interesting job opportunities. In Lysekil, three universities are represented through institutions for marine education and research, and tertiary education centre Högskolan Väst is located just outside Accompanying Partner Employment Service.

Last but not least – lifestyle

We love to talk about the incredible lifestyle and environment that our part of Bohuslän offers. Get in touch!

We’d like to summarise all of this through this simple sentence:

Living in our region makes the ”jigsaw puzzle of life” so much easier.

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