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Munkedal Council


Public and municipal service

Number of employees

1020 employees


Schools, preschools and aged care facilities are located in the Munkedal, Hedekas, Dingle and Hällevadsholm communities. (the locations covered by the employment project)

Occupational groups in the organisation

  • Nurses, rehabilitation staff, aged care workers, occupational therapists, student assistants, child care workers, cleaners, maintenance staff (a total of about 500 employees)
  • Special needs educators, counsellors, psychologists, school nurses, preschool teachers, teachers (middle and lower secondary school, high school, adult education) (approximately 350)
  • Professionals about 150; For example, administrators, coordinators, business developers, social workers, finance officers, HR specialists, managers, aid assessors, deputy secretaries, town planners, librarians.


Munkedal municipality’s administration is divided into four sectors; Local Government Executive Management, Child Care and Education, Aged Care and Disability, and Engineering and Infrastructure. These work towards the two committees of the municipal council and the building board. Through the committees, elected politicians set the goals while staff prepares briefs and executes the work. Politicians have ultimate responsibility for the governance of municipal activities.

About Munkedal

Munkedal municipality is home to beautiful and varied nature, a healthy business climate with great potential, great primary and secondary schools, adult education, aged care with wonderful staff, a broad range of associations and activities, and much more. All this, together with the council organisation, associations, entrepreneurs, and all our amazing residents, is the basis for what makes our municipality what it is. Together, we are Munkedal municipality!


Munkedal’s location in the middle of Bohuslän means that the distance from Svinesund, at the Norwegian border (80 km), is approximately as far as from Gothenburg (95 km). From Uddevalla to central Munkedal it is approximately 25 km.

Land and settlement

The land area is 635 km², which makes Munkedal the third largest municipality in Bohuslän after Tanum and Uddevalla. Settlement is fairly evenly distributed between urban areas and rural areas. Of the municipality’s approximately 10 400 inhabitants, about half live in one of the towns of Munkedal, Dingle, Hällevadsholm and Hedekas.

Towns and communications

Munkedal is the urban centre, and offers a rich and varied range of services and goods. The three largest communities – Munkedal, Dingle and Hällevadsholm – all have good links via Europaväg 6 and the railway Bohusbanan, which together form the framework in a well-developed traffic system, for both passenger and freight transport.


Munkedal offers good opportunities for recreation and leisure activities. In the municipality, there are more than 120 associations that have a wide and varied range of activities.

In addition to traditional facilities and activities in sports halls and ice rinks, on golf courses, football grounds, tracks, riding activities, canine club etc, Munkedal also has unique attractions such as salmon fishing in Örekilsälven, the canoe trail Flottarleden, a museum railway with steam locomotives etc.

Types of landscapes

In the municipality, there are many different landscapes represented, ranging from Bärfendal’s typical Bohuslän scenes with dramatically rising mountains from fertile plains, to the mountainous nature and heaths of Kynnefjäll in the northernmost parts. In the far south, the municipality reaches the sea and the inner parts of the Gullmarsfjord, the only real fjord along the entire Swedish west coast.

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