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LEVA i Lysekil AB


Electricity retail, electricity grid, water & sewerage, streets & parks, district heating, wind power, solar energy

Number of employees

100 employees and growing


Lysekil municipality

Company founded in


Occupational groups

Plumbing engineers, plumbers, automation electricians, operations engineers, distribution electricians, GIS engineer, IT technician/engineer, gardeners, administrative staff, customer service, maintenance .


LEVA i Lysekil AB is responsible for the operation of power grids, water, sewers and district heating in Lysekil. In addition, we operate the two wind farms at Humlekärr and maintain the municipality’s streets and parks on behalf of Lysekil municipality. We also have our own electricity retail operations and can offer a solar cell package.

It is also LEVA’s responsibility to maintain all the streets and bike paths of the municipality, and take care of municipal parks, and especially the beautiful city park in Lysekil. In addition, we ensure that all municipal playgrounds and sporting fields are kept tidy. Among many other things.

In other words, LEVA is a company with a very broad business. We see that as an advantage. This allows us to find synergies and be cost-effective, both for our customers and our owners.

Our operations account for a very large part of the everyday things Lysekil residents depend on. Therefore, it is obvious for us to put the customer in focus and to be a service-minded company. Simplicity is a keyword in our business.

LEVA is a subsidiary of Lysekils Stadshus AB, owned by Lysekil Council. We work closely with our owners, and we also want to contribute to the development and strengthening of Lysekil.

LEVA currently has 100 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 160 million. Our headquarters, including customer service, planning and administration, can be found in Gåseberg in Brastad, in the municipality of Lysekil. There we have the high voltage network remote monitoring centre, where we can remotely control the power when there are any interruptions. We also have a local office at Kungsgatan in Lysekil.


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