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The project group consists of representatives from the Partner employers and the project manager. The project group assesses what assignments qualifies for support. Once acceptepted as a accompanying partner, the project manager serves as a your support and sounding board throughout the entire  recruitment process.

Agneta Lindgren

Medflyttarservice - Projektledare

I am driven by working with people, companies and organisations in change, development and conversion. I have about 30 years of experience within…

Sven-Allan Henriksson

AH Automation - Ekonomichef
Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for HR and IT. Having been with the company since 1990, I've and the others have evolved together, and today the company is one of Sweden's leading within automation. I'm 62 and I live on Smögen.

Maria Hemlin

Lysekils kommun - Personalchef

Ulf Bertilsson

NLC Lysekil - Ordförande

Ulf is the president of the project owner organisation; NLC, which stands for Näringslivscentrum in Lysekil.

Linda Andersson

Leva i Lysekil AB - HR Business Partner
Linda is our HR Business partner, including extended responsibilities for work environment issues. She has a strong focus on leadership issues, safety and employee matters, and she ensures the skills supply within the company.

Daniel Kjellson

H-fönstret i Lysekil AB - VD
I started working here as a 15 year-old, in Summertime and today I'm the GM, in an industry that is really rewarding and challenging. In 2018 the company turns 40 and we are about 90 employees.

Caroline Boffey

Preem Lysekil - Rekryteringspartner
Maria Kjellsson

Maria Kjellsson

Gullmarsstrand Hotell Konferens - General Manager
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