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What we do

When our partner employers hire a key person, or want to support an existing key employee, they can choose to use our Accompanying Partner Employment Service. Our role is primarily to act as a support in finding work in the region, but it can also include support in other important and vital decisions that come with a major life change. For example, it could be about schools, child or aged care, accommodation, recreation and more. Being a member of the Accompanying Partner Employment Service is about collaborating amongst the partner employers. Sometimes it’s your organisation that needs support around the question of an accompanying partner as part of the recruitment process, and other times it could be your company that helps to contribute to a great solution for another employer.

Who we are

Agneta Lindgren, project manager at Accompanying Partner Employment Service (, works closely with the project group and other networks.

The project group consists of representatives from the Partner employers. The group’s common goal is to find attractive and suitable employment solutions for accompanying partners. You can read more about Agneta below.

Our significance

Accompanying Partner Employment Service can be crucial to your recruitment process. Moving to a new region, let alone country, is a huge decision that requires a lot of things to fall into place; accommodation, school, child and aged care, recreation and, last but not least, suitable work for the accompanying partner. Accompanying Partner Employment Service can be the key to allowing the family/couple to move and therefore giving the employer partner the new employee it needs. It is therefore important for us to help the accompanying partner find work. Partner employers can also use Accompanying Partner Employment Service for existing employees to allow them to remain with the employer by helping their partner find work.

Project manager

Agneta Lindgren

Phone:  +46 (0)72-733 13 43


I have finally had the opportunity to move to Bohuslän full-time! As a bonus, I get to work with what I enjoy am most inspired by – people, companies and organisations going through change, development and transformation. I have vast experience from this area, primarily through various leadership roles spanning three decades, but also through my engagement in sport and recreation. Originally qualified as a sports educator and behavioural scientist, I have also trained as coach. I look forward to my role as project manager of Accompanying Partner Employment Service in an amazing environment.

Chairman of NLC Lysekil

Ulf Bertilsson

Phone:  +46 (0)70-560 45 61


Näringslivscentrum Lysekil (NLC) is the organisation behind the project Accompanying Partner Employment Service. NLC, a non-profit organisation founded in 2003, is run by Lysekil municipality, the Företagarna association as well as companies who are members of NLC.

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